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They further strongly confirm the growing impression mg that infantile paralysis is an acute infective disease.

New York and This book dosage has been favorably received by the is entirely worthy of its good opinion. These synqitonvs arc, then, of high diagnostic value as regards intussusception; but, as to the diagnosis of obstruction from hydrochloride other causes, setting aside the probability of any one of them derivable from the age of the patient, the matter is much more difficult.


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The man and the investigator; it is, therefore, not a biography in the strictest - nse ni the word, but more a scientific appreciation of the indefatigable pioneer and reformer in criminology and criminal sociology, of the student of the setiology of the dread disease pellagra and agrarian reform in Italy, and of the founder of a theory of the nature of genius: it. One can not here speak as an expert on the special impropriety of the action of making the heir to the British throne an honorary member of our profession, but it is evident, from the semi-apologetic character of the Lancers leader, that something of the sort was more or less appreciated by our transatlantic brethren, for and hinted if not freely and openly discussed.