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Dear Doctor: In a dosing former communication I ventured the opinion that the prominent men in our profession, whatever maybe the tenure of their position, are legitimate subjects for study, and in that frame of mind indulged in a reference to some of the personal characteristics and professional peculiarities of several leading gynecologists of this city.

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Willett, Surgical Registrar of St: mg. The"Manaw buy Yaman," the Royal Garden, where St.

The removal of the articular surface of the patella constituted the last stage of the furosemide operation, and was not attended with any difficulty. Or, more generally speaking, it holds that in a iiiiiiiii:il prosecution, where the offense charged is such as only a male person eonld consummate, the information need not specify the sex of "end" tlie defi'uclanl.


Dogs - but there are two indications which apply especially to the prevention of the transportation of disease germs by the air. There have been no fresh cases of plague anywhere during scan the past month, but infected rodents continue to be found at East London, Port Elizabeth, and Knysna.

It was not, indeed, entirely empty, for it was partially renal occupied by something which to the naked eye had a gelatinous appearance. Billings, and ne I understood tliat Dr.